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Destination Weddings

Californian Summer
Image by Jonathan Borba
Californian Summer
Beach Wedding
Oceanfront Wedding
Californian Summer
Californian Summer

International Wedding Planning Services

Here at Roy Events we know what a challenge planning a Destination wedding abroad can be!


We have been there, however we can help you figure out everything from selecting the destination, guest management to the execution of the event.

 Plan your dreamy destination wedding from luxurious hotels to opulent villas to a mountain retreat. As wedding planners have a selection of handpicked contacts and suppliers with similar warm personalities like us to ensure you will receive the same service abroad.

Our confidence in planning wedding abroad has grown after our first one and believe me, its truly is a magical experience to get married away from home!


We have a list of few destinations in mind if you are struggling from rolling hills in Italy, to dreamy beaches in Mexico or even the royal palaces in India. We are just about willing to go anywhere to make your dream come true


For more information drop a message for a complimentary discovery call to see how we can create magic together!

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